Colours of our Scarves

Colours of our Scarves is a Scottish Government funded project run by the Fair Play Foundation tackling sectarianism and inequality in sport throughout Scotland.

Since 2013, Colours of our Scarves has covered a large area of Scottish football and Scottish sport working with a number of stakeholders within the game and educational institutions in an attempt to make sport a better place for everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, age or disability.

Now in its sixth year, The Colours of our Scarves project works with key stakeholders within all levels of Scottish sport to provide athletes, coaches, organisers and volunteers with a support mechanism, an educational tool and a opportunity for self-reflection and development with a focus on community impact and improving the learning and developmental environment for everyone involved.

The project consists of a variety of workshops, focus groups and mentoring schemes for sports participants, coaches and organisers alike, with workshop and delivery projects tailored to the specific needs of the individual, club or association.

With continued funding in 2019-20, the project will work in three main strands.

SFA Schools of Football & SFA Performance Schools

In partnership with the Scottish FA, Colours of our Scarves will build on work conducted over the last three years and will again deliver to all Schools of Football across Scotland.

Equality and Sport Education Programme

Over the last 3 years the Colours of our Scarves programme has been delivered in 20 centres of higher or further education working with around 2500 students who are studying sports-related subjects to provide participants with a better understanding of the facts around the prevalence of hate behaviours, the potential manifestations, and provide participants with the confidence and knowledge base to challenge hate behaviours if they are encountered in a sport setting or in wider society.

‘Equality Through Sport’ Events Programme

In the last 4 years the Colours of our Scarves team have worked in partnership with local community groups, student groups and other key partners to deliver a localised events programme. These events are supported in the planning and delivery stages, and offer a support and guidance mechanism for local groups who desire to tackle a form of prejudice through running a sport based activity within their local community. The objective of all these events are to promote messages of tolerance and acceptance of all.

Active Schools CPD Programme 

The Fair Play Foundation will offer provision for all full-time staff working on the Active Schools programme across all 32 local authorities in Scotland.

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