Fair Play Foundation to Support the Glasgow Community and Cooperative League’s Cup

  • SD Scotland launch new community foundation
  • Cup competitions to be renamed ‘Fair Play Foundation Cup’ and ‘Fair Play Foundation Challenge Shield’.


Supporters Direct Scotland are pleased to announce their support for the Glasgow Community and Cooperative League’s Cup competitions. As part of a new partnership, the League’s annual Cup competitions are to be renamed the ‘Fair Play Foundation Cup’ and ‘Fair Play Foundation Challenge Shield’ respectively. The Fair Play Foundation is the name to be given to the organisation’s new community arm which will build upon the extensive work undertaken via their anti-sectarian ‘Colours of our Scarves’ project.

SD Scotland are a Community Benefit Society established to promote supporter involvement within governance and ownership of the Scottish national game. One of the organisation’s key objectives are to promote equality and tackling prejudice within all levels of Scottish sport. SD Scotland primarily carry this out through their ‘Colours of our Scarves’ programme, a Scottish Government funded project which promotes equality and aims to tackle discrimination of all kinds within Scottish sport. Five years into the Colours of our Scarves project, SD Scotland are keen to develop new and innovative community focused programmes which use sport to address society’s ills which sees the launch of their new ‘Fair Play Foundation’. The Foundation will in due course seek charitable status from the Scottish regulator for charitable bodies OSCR.

The launch this new development, The Foundation have formed a partnership with the Glasgow Community Co-operative League which aims to create an organised and well administered Sunday football competition where sides from across west central Scotland can take part in football regardless of age or ability, but more importantly, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. Violence, intimidation and unsporting behaviour are sadly common aspects of Sunday League football in Scotland but are no welcome, nor tolerated in the GCCL.

As part of the partnership, The Fair Play Foundation will be streaming the finals (held June 3rd) of both the Fair Play Foundation Cup and Fair Play Foundation Challenge Shield via their social media platforms (@FairPlayFound and www.facebook.com/fairplayfoundation). Previous winners of the Cup include AC Kelvingrove, Kelvin Thistle, Dumbreck and Glasgow St.Pauli.

Project Manager for the Fair Play Foundation Mark Reid says:

“We have been supportive of the aims and the equality and fair play orientated objectives of the Glasgow Community and Cooperative League since its formation and through this partnership we are able support the fantastic work of the League and their annual Cup competition.”

Martin Tocker, founder of the Glasgow Community and Cooperative League says:

“We’re delighted for the league to have an association with Supporters Direct Scotland and the Fair Play Foundation. It is partnerships like these that I had always hoped for when we created the GCCL. A lot of our teams see the football as almost secondary to a much more important cause, for example United Glasgow, Glasgow on the Ball and Saltire Thistle to an extent. All of our teams take part and play with the right spirit and ethos. The donations that the competing players and fans brought along for our foodbank donation at December’s finals were overwhelming and say a lot about the type of people we have involved in our teams”


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